Szkola Podstawowa nr 368 im. “Polskich Olimpijczykow”

The name of my school is Szkoła Podstawowa nr 368 im. “Polskich Olimpijczyków”. Our school was established on 1st September 2009. Nowadays there are about 100 teachers (including psychologists and pedagogies) and 809 students with aged between12 – 16.

The school classes are profiled into sports, bilingual and interdisciplinary units. Students have many possibilities to develop their interests and talents attending to extra classes. They can participate in different clubs: The Knights Brotherhood, Journalist Club, Erasmus+ group, Experimental Biology, Educational Projects. Our students have an opportunity to study different foreign languages: English, German, Spanish, Russian and French. We have bilingual classes where students can learn English combining it with other extended subjects (Math, history, biology).  For those who have any difficulties there are special, supporting programs to help them deal with didactic and psycho-pedagogical problems.

Additionally the school prepares a lot of actions above the curriculum to make students act patriotically and socially. Students can take part in charities and voluntaries actions and belong to organizations such as Polish Red Cross or Caritas and also coordinate students’ self-government.

The school staff is open to innovations, new solutions and trends connected to special needs of the students. That’s why there are many additional programs for students who are gifted as well as for those with special needs. Thanks to engagement and additional work students win many sports and intellectual competitions.