Szkola Podstawowa nr 368 im. “Polskich Olimpijczykow”

The team of the project is open to innovations, new solutions and trends connected to special needs of the students. That’s why there are many additional programs for students who are gifted as well as for those with special needs. Thanks to engagement and additional work students win many sports and intellectual competitions.

Mrs Krystyna Sosnowska

Will be involved in the project as a coordinator. Not only is she a headmistress of the school but also an educator with more than 30 years of experience. She successfully leads Gimnazjum from its beginning doing her best to constantly develop it. She is familiar to new perspectives and trends.

As an open minded person Krystyna looks for better solutions and more attractive ways to improve didactic and behavioral work of the school staff and to understand better students needs. What’s more she established a special team to work in program Erasmus+ consists of experienced teachers with fluent English. There are also other school teams working on smaller projects bankroll by local or city’s founds. Additionally to school work,  teachers are involved in many charities and voluntary actions.

The administration and school staff are well organized, creative people what was confirmed by the authorities and prestigious title given by the President of Warsaw: “Creative School”.

Mrs Krystyna Sosnowska opened a new profile class” European class” which is concern to study European languages, promote the knowledge about European Union and develop the feeling of community to other European citizens accepting rareness of  Polish traditions and culture as a national heritage.