The audio CD and the Digital Book will be at the schools’ libraries, at orphanages, at nursing homes,  so many people will benefit from them. The information received during the training course will be shared during the teachers’ meetings at regional level and many teachers will be able to apply the new reading strategies to classes and many students will be able to discover another way of reading.

Having a good cooperation with local and regional institutions we will be able to discourage students to skip classes and to abandon school. The students will be determined to come to classes and to get involved in lessons due to the new attractive strategies that involves transdisciplinarity, creativity, critical thinking. Due to the awareness of the European values all interested parts will find better ways to communicate and to understand.

All partners agreed that the visibility and the sustainability of the project will be continued by uploading different activities on the Facebook page of the project, on the project website and on the schools’ websites.

The outcomes and the outputs of the project will be developed and used permanently in the partners’ schools and at local and regional level. In this way the impact of the project will get greater. The Facebook page and the website of the project will be updated and maintained for three years. Thereby, all the interested parts will be able to access the information and results of the project. The teachers and the students will continue their communication with the partner countries to enrich their experiences and to develop their friendships.

The results of the project will be used during classes by different teachers and the schools may also organise Lecture clubs, where students will talk to their schoolmates, where they will discuss tales, will elaborate new tales. The schools will develop their material bases, with new worksheets, will also gain experience in managing Erasmus+ projects and will apply for a new one in the future.

The schools management will encourage teachers to have trandisciplinary lessons based on the new reading strategies and/ or on European values. Due to the dissemination activities, the teachers from the local and regional areas will be encouraged to use these strategies during their classes.

We are aware that in many countries, transdisciplinarity is a very important approach that is sustained by all educational systems. That is way, we want to promote the results of the project in order to determine teachers make transdisciplinary lessons. Also, we will stimulate and support all the interested parts and all the associated institutions to use our reading strategies, to encourage creativity, to develop imagination, to improve interpretative skills. Furthermore, they are upheld to transmit European values in order to live in a tolerant, peaceful, and non violent, friendly society.