The biggest impact of our project refers to the number of students who will become aware of the European values and raise interest in reading.

During and after the lifetime of the project, the students and the teachers will work cooperatively and throughout the project activities they will realise the need of respecting each other, of being tolerant and friendly, of being respectful and trustworthy. Tolerance, friendship, honesty, peace, freedom are values that contribute to a healthy atmosphere in each school, each country and in Europe.

This warm and creative atmosphere is expected to diminish the number of students who skip classes and to discourage the lack of interest in reading.

The impact on the participants (teachers and students):

  • gain experience, achieve creatvity, teamwork, cooperation, communication skills, survival skills;
  • become aware of the importance of tolerance, peace, friendship and other European values;
  • share good practices;
  • encourage reading and become conscious of European values;
  • improve English language/ ICT skills;
  • meet other people, make friends from different schools, create friends through exchange meetings;
  • increase interest in school and realize their skills and believe in themselves being appreciated by others;
  • improve skills through transnational cooperations;
  • accept people without judging cultural differences.

The impact on the institutions:

  • improve the images of the institutions in the region;
  • create positive working atmosphere in the classes (literature, Languages, Religion, Socio classes);
  • transform the institutions into more desirable places by doing learning, teaching and training activities;
  • reduce absenteeism and early school leaving by raising the students’ interest in schools;
  • increase the interest in giving equal chances to students who have social and economic obstacles;
  • integrate project work in the methodology, in order to develop the students’ skills;
  • develop transdisciplinary approaches;
  • learn a lot about cooperation with students, parents, other stakeholders;
  • have a project team as an integrated part of our institutions.

The impact on the target groups:

  • raise awareness on the values of the European Union;
  • be more involved in school activities;
  • become interested in the reading strategies;
  • accept people without judging cultural differences;
  • gain self confidence, creativity, free thinking.

The impact on other stakeholders (NGOs, decision-takers, nursing homes, orphanages, etc):

  • the project will change the views of other people from the community;
  • benefit from the projects’ outputs;
  • adopt other strategies in order to make students more interested in reading;
  • raise awareness on European values on a local level;
  • use examples of good practices during their activities;
  • learn more information about Erasmus+ projects.

This partnership gives the opportunity to local and regional communities to gain experience and to discover and use examples of good practices. They will discover different reading strategies and they will learn more about European values, they will be able to use the outputs of the project in different situations.

They will support students in different activities connected to reading and European values, because we all need societies where the young generation is well informed and educated and where European values are respected. By taking part in our project activities, by finding information on the schools’ websites, by following us on YouTube and Facebook, they will realise the importance of reading and of respecting these values and they will support our students during their future activities.

At the national level, there will be more information about European values and there will appear new reading strategies. Furthermore, the prejudices from different counties will be diminished. People belonging to each country will raise tolerance and respect towards other cultures and lifestyles. The European communities will become aware of the importance and the necessity of raising European citizens who have open minds and who trust the democratic principles of the 21st century.

Also, we offer an example of strategic partnership at a regional and national level.