“Grigore Antipa” Technological High School

“Grigore Antipa” College is an educational institution subordinated to the School Inspectorate from Bacau, which has the role in education and training young people between 14 and 19 years old.

“Grigore Antipa” College has worked since 1960 with theoretical profile, and in 1975 due to economic changes, was converted in a chemistry high school. Political changes have had dramatic implications on the economic environment. School has adapted to changes, proposing new fields for the actual labour market. It offers quality in all training fields and equality of chances for all the students in the area, in accordance with their social and professional wishes.

“Grigore Antipa” College is a relatively new school in Bacau. Each year, this institution receives about 1000 secondary school’s graduates, who specialize in four profiles in accordance with the requirements of the labour market, at regional and local level:

  1. Natural resources and environmental protection;
  2. Food Industry;
  3. Services (catering, tourism);
  4. Electronics and automation.

A large number of students studying in our school come from rural areas (85%), with social and financial needs, with one or both parents left to work abroad.  A small number of students (5%) have special educational needs: mental, visual, physical.

In 2017, the school had 992 students enrolled at the beginning of the school year and 85,2% of them finished school (855 students). A number of 129 students left school without a degree. Due to our VET fields, some students took part in regional VET Olympics and 14 of them took prizes and awards and at national level, 3 students took part and 1 received an award.

The school has a group of teacher well prepared from a professional point of view. They try to compensate the social economic disadvantage of the students belonging to poor families, with unemployed parents or poor level of education. Our school has 59 qualified teachers (36 general education teachers and 23 VET teachers). 55.07% of them have the first degree in education and 3 of them have PhD. Speaking about the rest of the staff, the school has 28 persons, among which 1 librarian, 2 secretaries, 2 accountants, 2 information technicians, 2 cooks, 1 pedagogue, 4 guardians.

The main building has a modern and functional “H” shape with 22 classrooms and 30 administrative offices. The school has a boarding school and a canteen where students eat and sleep. Another building has laboratories and workshops where students use specialised equipment.  The gym and the sports field are good places where students practise sports.

A good quality education is accompanied by partnerships between school and economic agents where our students do practical training. The school has a good relationship with the local community developing a serious of actions in forming, educating and training students.

“Grigore Antipa” College wants to be a competitive school, recognized by the local community and wants to offer to its students an environment conductive to mental development, professional and moral of students and ensure their insertion in the labour market. Liberal concepts compel school to let students choose religious classes they want to follow: Orthodox, Catholic, Baptist, etc. The relevant values to our students’ development are freedom of expression and freedom of thought.

The school aims to accomplish the challenges of the 21st century: young people well prepared for the labour market and teachers interested in activities / training / development projects throughout life. The intent is to become an active school focused on creativity and innovation, on expanding skills and experiences and on sharing of knowledge obtained in other circumstances. The

students are involved in extracurricular activities and school projects  within the school or local community where they demonstrate their talents along with students from other schools, economic agents, representatives of local authorities: “Academy Minichef”, “About bread … with love”,” European mobility week “,” Organic and bio “,” Eco Interference “,” Fair pies “,” Pretzels bells “,” for healthy eating “,” Christmas Fair “,” Tourism all around “,” History pastry “,” Dough comes alive “,” Easter ornaments “.

Students are interested in topics related to music, theatre, sport and participate in events that occur in the community. They are passionate about technology and work on various projects to develop digital literacy.

The school runs European projects which received funding from the European Commission for: Comenius Multicultural “Toward a Sustainable Energy” (2004), Comenius Bilateral “Nature et Handicaps sans frontiers” (2012), the Erasmus + project, the key action, 2 strategic partnership between schools, “Make a Change and Listen to Their Voice” (2015) and the Erasmus+ project, key action 2, VET partnership, “European Carbon Footprint Optimisation”.