Adem Tolunay Anadolu Lisesi is an Anatolian general secondary school with 750 (9th-12th grade,15-18 years old) students and 45teachers. It was founded in 1998. The school is respected for its quality in education and well-known in the neighborhood for maintaining strong relations with education authorities, schools, private courses.

Adem Tolunay Anadolu Lisesi is an Anatolian general secondary school with 750 (9th-12th grade,15-18 years old) students and 45 orts clubs, and other private institutions due to its central position in Antalya. Our students can enter this school by passing a special exam. Actually our school is in the top of ten successful Anatolian general secondary schools in Turkey. So, students have to get very high marks in order to enter our school. The students’ success rate of entering the university was 91% last year.

Our school’s main education program includes science, mathematics, history, geography, philosophy, religion, art, music, physical education and foreign languages. English is taught as a second language and German is taught as third language. All our classes are modern and technologically well equipped with smart boards and Internet connection.

In our school, we adopt student centred education for classes we teach. We aim to grow individuals who have self-confidence, care for humanity, can take responsibility for their learning and can think creatively and reflectively. Students explore themselves with the help of our dedicated education professionals and teachers. Through the education programs we apply, students are prepared for the future as eager researchers, communicative, hardworking, open minded and considerate individuals who are able to think interrogatively and offer solutions to the problems they face.

Our students join interesting educational excursions, they play role in different after-school activities like theatre club, music groups which join many local and national contests and have had many awards so far. We have a lot of sports teams like football, basketball, volleyball, tennis, karate, chess, badminton and our students also join many local and national competitions.

The students come from different disadvantageous regional parts of Turkey and a small minority of the students from other nationalities as the city receiving immigrants from inland and abroad for employment or some other preferences. Most of the students are from the middle class background but there are some economically disadvantaged students as well. Our school consultancy service have many implementations to deal with these students like the education of overcoming stress, noticing the risks like alcohol, smoking, drug addiction etc. Our physical education department organizes many tournaments to provide social inclusion of especially disadvantaged students.