C1 (Romania) – “An Interactive Course in Narratology and Creativity” is the course elaborated by a Literature teacher and is meant to provide both a theoretical and practical approach to the concept of “TALE”, as a literary species.

C2 (Greece) – The first students exchange will take place in Greece and its main topic will be “Our Most Representative Tale”. Therefore, each country has to identify the national story that best represents its cultural identity and present it to the others using different means of expression.

C3 (Poland) – The second students exchange consists in learning about European values and the Polish team will have to prepare a power point material with the topic “Europe and its Values”.


C4 (Turkey) – The third students exchange consists in a creative workshop entitled “Labor-a-story”, where the students guided by their teachers will have to start working on a modern tale having the traditional tale as a model.

C5 (Macedonia) – The fourth students exchange consists in developing the technique of writing a tale – a modern tale that focuses on European values. The topic of the meeting will be “My European Value”, meaning that each country should choose the European value that needs to be better highlighted in their present society.

C6 (Portugal) – The final students exchange has as main goal the presentation of the original modern tales in a creative manner. The participants will reunite in order to present their “Fairy-Tale Europe”, which is their own vision about Europe and its modern values incripted in the language of a tale.