2nd General Lyceum of Amaliada

2nd General Lyceum is situated in Amaliada, a small city of Elis Prefecture. Elis is located in the west of the Peloponese, about 350 km away from Athens, the capital of Greece. 2nd General Lyceum of Amaliada is one of the largest schools of the prefecture attended by around 300 students each year, who, in their majority, are Greeks, aged 16-18. However, there is also a small number of students of foreign nationalities. The school is housed in a brightly colored building with 15 classrooms, three labs (physics, chemistry, and ICT) two offices for the staff, one office for the headmistress, and plenty of space for the students to hang around. What is worth mentioning is our schoolyard, which is quite spacious, with lots of trees (lemons, oranges, tangerines) and lots of olive trees. During the 1st year students attend general studies subjects. In the 2nd year, they chose between 2 scientific areas (Humanitarian and Sciences) according to the subjects they wish to be nationally examined the following year. In the third year, the scientific areas are 3 (Humanitarian, Sciences, and Economic). The focus during this year is on the subjects of the scientific areas, as the final exams in a national level determine their entrance to higher education. There are 35 teachers in all. Educational activities, Environmental and Cultural programs are being held inside and out the premises of the school. 2 e-twinning projects have been successfully completed, both of which having been awarded National and European quality labels. For the 1st time this year our school enthusiastically participates in a European Erasmus+ Project. Annually, our students take part in various competitions in the areas of Physics, Maths, Biology, Poetry, Literature, Sports and EUROSCOLA, they achieve high performances and they are frequently awarded.

Our school focuses on general studies for the first two years whereas for the last year the students are prepared in depth for their University entrance exams.

There are approximately 30 paid teachers in all but there isn’t a secretary or a security guard.

There are about 300 students who live in the town of Amalias but also in the nearby villages.